Sunday, April 23, 2017

Final Project

Team Pack Rats:

Alex Ackermann
Alex Jones
Brenda Medrano
Christopher Sossman
Troy Gent

Troy Gent's website contribution

Alex Jones Truck and Trailer Wrap

Chris Sossman and Alex Ackermann's Commercial

Brenda Medrano's Facebook Page Contribution

Our objective was to create a new logo where the company portrays it being both the walls and the foundation that holds the roof in place. We wanted to show that our company keeps a home together and strong.

We also wanted to focus our energy on the senior population of the community which is why we used a 75 year old lady in our commercial. We wanted to portray that Pack Rats can be called on to rescue those in distress from the every day stress of having too much stuff in their lives.

The font used in the logo is "Avenir Condensed" which means "future" in French and is a san serif font known for it's easy to read versatility. To us this means that Pack Rats is the future of cleaning up junk.

We chose to re-brand from what I already have because my original logo did not show other than with the words, what my company really did. With the new logo you can understand and appreciate that Pack Rats takes care of homes.

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