Sunday, April 23, 2017

Final Project

Team Pack Rats:

Alex Ackermann
Alex Jones
Brenda Medrano
Christopher Sossman
Troy Gent

Troy Gent's website contribution

Alex Jones Truck and Trailer Wrap

Chris Sossman and Alex Ackermann's Commercial

Brenda Medrano's Facebook Page Contribution

Our objective was to create a new logo where the company portrays it being both the walls and the foundation that holds the roof in place. We wanted to show that our company keeps a home together and strong.

We also wanted to focus our energy on the senior population of the community which is why we used a 75 year old lady in our commercial. We wanted to portray that Pack Rats can be called on to rescue those in distress from the every day stress of having too much stuff in their lives.

The font used in the logo is "Avenir Condensed" which means "future" in French and is a san serif font known for it's easy to read versatility. To us this means that Pack Rats is the future of cleaning up junk.

We chose to re-brand from what I already have because my original logo did not show other than with the words, what my company really did. With the new logo you can understand and appreciate that Pack Rats takes care of homes.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Communication Artifact Rubric

This is a picture of a U.S. Marine firing an M-4 rifle with an M203 grenade launcher attached. Every Marine is first and for most a rifleman. In other words, every Marine is trained to proficiency on a rifle before they are selected for another job. This builds unity and confidence in the brand.

The rifle is pointed at a target which is used for the purpose training all Marines to kill if need be. The picture applies the rule of thirds with the Marine on the left third of the picture and the rifle leading from the left third and into the middle third. The spent shell casing is in the right third along with the line of smoke leading it there.

The rifle, the grenade launcher and the shell casing all serve as vectors The rifle and launcher lead the eye to the target and the shell casing leads the eye to the adjacent of the marine.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Apple computers, like most companies, change their typography from time to time. I really love my apple computer. I think it is sexy, sleek and professional. In Apple 2010 they changed their corporate typeface to Verdana. It looks smart, professional, sleek yet simple. I love it because this explains their computers and other technology.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Design Evaluation

These images are the business cards of my friend and business college John. The white one was his business card when he had a full time job with another company and was doing this on the side. After he left that company and went out on his own full time he made and improved his image and brand to the top card.

In the first card I sense that he kept himself in a box and was afraid to branch out on his own. It was almost as if he was trying to break through the box but could not quite get himself to do it. I feel that he believed his work was creative and unique, because of the fancy typography, but did not know how to fully demonstrate that and therefore kept himself restricted.

After finally having the courage to break free from the restriction of a "safe, secure job" John had a designer create the above card. It looks strong and confident. It looks like a permanent brand you would give a cow or a horse signifying that it belongs to John and nobody else. It tells me that he now has the power and strength to go forward.

Knowing John and the work he does I believe purple in his brand represents mystery. His work tends to be unique and he has mysterious ways solving finish work problems. The black represents strength and confidence in his work.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017



I chose this picture of my daughter and her dog because it portrays a dog truly choosing it's master. We rescued Lucky from an abusive situation and she chose to attach herself to my daughter unlike any dog I have ever seen attach themselves to a human. The flowers look as if they are growing out of lucky's body as if there is a beautiful new beginning to her life.

The Gestalt is that of Lucky and Rebecca forming a new team that is far superior in strength to what they could accomplish individually. I love the contrast between the green hills and the flowers, Lucky, and Rebecca. It's almost as if they are growing out of the grass which has provided them new life. The harmony comes from the love these two creatures have for one another.

The world for these two is wide open as signified by the distant clouds and mountains and their potential together is limitless. The lines in the hills behind them are prompting them to now move in the direction of opportunities that await them.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Visceral Response

When I look at this picture I get an overwhelming sensation of beauty. The curves around the tire wells, the smooth black finish and the reflection of light off of the body remind me of perfection. Someone built this truck with the most intricate attention to detail. When I see this picture I see love and devotion for the sake of creating perfection. I see a man or woman's awesome attempt at creating a perfect work of art.

I see a hard working man finishing a day of work, walking to his truck and driving off into the sunset in a prize he has earned. I love the texture of the headlights. It is as if there are none because they blend in so well with the rest of the truck. The customization of this truck with it's unique wheels, bed cover, grill, lift, bumper and more give me the feeling of uniqueness. I am my own person, I have my own strength, and I feel uncommon . The color black makes me feel strong albeit smooth, welcoming, and comfortable. When I see myself driving this truck I feel big, strong, powerful, proud yet generous, friendly, humble and sincere.

To be able to own and drive such a truck would remind me every day of a delinquent life left behind and a life of abundance, culmination and another pinnacle to strive for.